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3 Awesome Weddings, one at the Summit House in Fullerton, one at Orange Hill Restaurant in Orange, and a Beach Wedding at Heisler Park Gazebo in Laguna Beach

Ever since they met, Mark Jimenez and Lisa Tone have celebrated life and love with gusto.  They value family and friends as the best blessing from above.  So their wedding ceremony at the Summit House in Fullerton featured all that and more!  They selected Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore of Great Officiants to plan with them and carry out a wedding of romance, commitment, faith and joy.  The guests were particularly pleased to be asked for their affirmation of the couple, and they did just that with enthusiasm.  Following personal “love letters” expressed to one another Lisa and Mark recited vows led by Rev. Gary.  As they repeated each phrase, eyes locked on eyes, Mark and Lisa drifted physically closer and closer to each other, until at about six inches, Gary interjected, “Can’t kiss ’til vows are finished.”  The couple and the crowd loved the moment … and even more the moment when they did embrace and engage in the holy kiss of marriage. 

Marco Corona and Aleena Huber, very much in love, planned meticulously for their wedding day.  Most importantly they (1) reserved the ballroom and outdoor chapel at Orange Hill Restaurant, and (2) Through Great Officiants booked Rev.Dr. Gary Barmore to lead the marriage ceremony.   They liked Gary’s open-minded Christian faith, his vocal energy, and the fact that they could meet with him at his home for planning and getting better acquainted.   Then came the swift wild-fires in and around Tustin and Orange, bringing fear and devastation to so many.   Rev. Gary contacted Marco and asked if they needed his help in finding another wedding venue.  Is Orange Hill Restaurant still standing?  Fortunately although the grounds were threatened and the staff prepared for evacuation, this classic site for dining and parties was spared.  And by October 21 at 5pm, most of the smokey haze was gone and the sunset was beautiful.   While our hearts went out to all those who suffered loss in the fires, it all worked out wonderfully for Aleena and Marco and their guests.  The couple’s handsome beauty, plus their education and determination, mixed with a willingness to listen and consider the other’s perspective bodes really well for their life together in marriage.

Amy Kayl and Corey Madsen first met 26 years ago, but at age nineteen she declined his proposal of marriage.  Going their separate ways, each remembered the power of their attraction and wondered what happened to their long-lost beloved.   By means of the modern-day cupid — Facebook — they reconnected.  Love’s fire blazed anew, and next to the baggage claim at John Wayne Airport, Corey dropped to one knee and popped the question — followed by Amy’s excited “yes!”  Their favorite Bible verse, of course, is “Love Never Fails.”  So for this greatest love, this couple selected the “Greatest Wedding” from Alan Katz’ Great Officiants.  Alan’s crew secured the spectacular Gazebo in Laguna Beach, had it beautifully decorated, and suggested Rev.Dr. Gary Barmore to plan with them and conduct the ceremony.   After meeting with Gary, Corey and Amy knew all the perfect pieces were in place.   When the ceremony began at 2pm October 27, their was a mystical cloud-bank over the ocean, and then when the vows were being exchanged, the fog lifted and glorious sunshine sparkled the water and lit up the wedding site.   For this dear couple and their guests, it was truly “The Greatest.”

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