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2 Great Officiants, 2 Great Couples 1 Great Beach in Malibu. 

booked booked a beach wedding on Point Dume in Malibu on the same day an hour apart. So we carpooled through early morning traffic and arrived at 930 am. There was almost no one at the beach and it was a perfect combo morning waves crashing against the rocks.

the first wedding at 10am. They showed up promptly dressed to the nines. She issued them their license and ventured down to the point where some dolphins and whales were cruising by in the backdrop.

Alan’s 11 o’clock couple did not show up till 1230. They had so many mishaps along the way. Their phones both died, they had car trouble and she had accidentally put your hand into some road tar that she couldn’t get off. Making it to the beach was the ultimate test for their marriage. If they could make it there with all the crazy stuff that went on to get them there and they were destined to be together. And in the end they gave each other and amazing kiss and we’re happy that they made it and endured their crazy adventure.

And they all liver happily ever after.

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