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Our Celebrity Wedding Officiants

Our celebrity wedding officiants add a special flavor to your wedding and make it memorable for you and your guests. They are skilled specialists who know how to foster a festive and joyful mood. Their skill in delivering passionate and meaningful vows makes for an occasion that everyone participating will never forget. To make your wedding day completely unforgettable, our  celebrity wedding officiants will work with you to personalize the ceremony to represent your unique love story. 


Custom Ceremonies Starting at $575

Alan is known as the Best Celebrity Wedding Officiant in the industry. His training on and off screen makes him the perfect mix of Performer and Officiant or like Joey from the TV show Friends calls it a “Ministainer”. He is a well know Wedding Industry Influencer. He has been featured in the news and appeared on several reality shows Most on Prank Panel on HULU (ep1)


Custom Ceremonies Starting at $999

Here are some of the famous weddings he has performed and TV Shows he has been on…Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Trista&Ryan, Neil Diamond, David Foster, Tom Welling, Xzibit, “Hitched or Ditched” on CW Network, “I Do, Redo” on KTLA Morning Show, Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel


Custom Ceremonies Starting at $575

Not a lot of people believe in love more than Octavio does. And not many are living proof that real love will endure the test of time and all obstacles.

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