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Custom Ceremonies Starting at $575

Not a lot of people believe in love more than Octavio does. And not many are living proof that real love will endure the test of time and all obstacles.

“His mix of Spanish and English portions was well received by our mixed crowd. The ceremony was enthusiastic, passionate, and full of love that our guests could feel and commented on afterwards.”                  Source: Eric- WEDDING WIRE

As you may have seen on TLC’s “Extreme Cougar Wives,” The Steve Harvey Show, Access Hollywood Live, ABC News Nightline, The Insider, and other shows he has been with his girlfriend for over 7 years. She is 37 years his senior and against all odds they not only have managed to conquer everything life has thrown their way but are stronger than ever. The only reason they haven’t tied the knot yet is because she is a widow and doesn’t want to go through that experience again.

He has also been an actor since before he could walk and has appeared on shows like The Glades, Tattoo Nightmares, Channel Surfing, Modos: The Prophesy Armageddon, and LA.Tino’s to name a few. He has done several independent films and even played Kat Graham’s (The Vampire Diaries) mean boyfriend on Kevin Hammond’s “Broken Down” music video. He has a long list of theatre and TV commercials as well, which is why so many couples and wedding guests have complimented his powerful “radio like” voice.

He speaks unaccented English and Spanish and occasionally lends his voice for audio commercials. His specialty is doing bilingual ceremonies switching gracefully from one language to the other throughout. He meets or speaks with his couples so he can design the perfect ceremony for them. All his ceremonies are unique and different. He is very involved in the whole process, from the initial contact until after their wedding.

He has been a part of the Great Officiants family for nearly 6 years and plans to continue this beautiful journey for the rest of his life.

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