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Religious Weddings


From $499

Choose from Ministers, Priests, Rabbis and Non-Denominational Officiants that will give your ceremony the Religious feel you desire.

“our guests were so very touched by the natural flow of faith, humor, and sincerity” Source: Shannon K. -- WEDDING WIRE

You can choose from any of the religious officiants.

When you work with your chosen Officiant together you will choose the design of the ceremony you desire.

Incorporate the amount of sprituality you want and the Officiants will custom compose the perfect sacraments you choose.

Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Protestant, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptists, Pentecostals , Episcopalian, Baptist….you name it. If it is not listed here just ask.

Use the predesigned Ceremony Samples or create your own.

Non-Denominational and Christian Ministers

$499 for a traditional ceremony

$575 for a more customized ceremony. You can fill out the relationship questionnaire online here.

$675 for an uniquely customized one of a kind ceremony.

Catholic Priests start at $775 depending on the priest selected.

Rabbi or Cantor start at $1250 depending on which one is selected.

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