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Interfaith Ceremonies


Interfaith Officiant From $499

Interfaith Rabbi From $1250

Interfaith Priest From $775

Are you from 2 different faiths? 

Have an amazing Interfaith ceremony that will bring everyone together.

“Our guests kept coming up to us and saying our ceremony was the most touching and entertaining wedding ceremony they had ever been too”   

Source: Megan Waters : GOOGLE Reviews

These days many Couples come from different backgrounds, different beliefs and different cultures.

Our job as the Officiant is to skillfully blend both of your families together, without offending either side.

It is not an easy process appeasing both sides of the family in some cases.

This is where Great Officiants come in. Your officiant can design a ceremony for you that celebrates your love and affection for each other while also bringing the belief and cultures you and your families hold dear.

Some Families want

Interfaith Rabbi From $1250

Interfaith Priest from $775

Or one of our Non-Denominational Officiants

Great Package $499

It is a traditional ceremony using our ceremony samples and ad-ins with light customization

Greatest Package $575 (The Most Popular)

A fully customized ceremony where your love story is incorporated into the ceremony.

Using the ceremony samples and ad-ins. This is our MOST requested package. You can fill out the relationship questionnaire online here.

Ultimate Package $675

A non-traditional ceremony where a whole new ceremony is created based on your needs. Your love story and other items are incorporated to make a totally unique ceremony event.

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