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From $485

Are you are interested in having a spiritual Buddhist style Ceremony? Great Officiants can help.

“All of them made it a very special day on our wedding day!”   

Souirce: Jerrell Wallace -- GOOGLE Reviews

Selected members of the Officiant team are proficient in doing this type of ceremony.

They can include readings, singing bowl, incense burning and many options to become one with each other and one with the universe around us all.

Your family and friends will be enlightened with the ceremony we will perform for you and it will create a lasting memory for years to come.

Greatest Package 

$530 A customized ceremony incorporating your lovestory into the wedding (most popular)

Standard Buddhist Ceremony

$485 Includes as shown the link to the ceremony below

Spritual Officiant

$650 A specialist in doing alternitive style cermonnies

Here is a link to an example of our buddhist ceremony.

It can be altered in many ways to perfectly fit your needs!

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