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How to obtain a Marriage License

How do we get our Marriage License?

If you are getting Married in California and want to avoid the lines and hassle of the County offices… We can help.

Your Marriage License is basically the County Clerk and the State giving you permission to get married. Once you get the license then you need to have a wedding ceremony. It can be a simple “I Do” ceremony of a Custom Designed Masterpiece

There are 3 ways to obtain your marriage license.

1. At your Local County Clerk’s Office 

2. Our Notaries can deliver to Long Beach Office (From $175*)

*Marriage license fee is $85, plus $45 notary fee, $45 delivery fee to Long Beach Office Location.

3. We can deliver it to you anywhere in California (From $250**)

**Marriage license fee is $85, plus $45 notary fee, $120 delivery fee.  (Additional travel fee beyond 20 miles from notary may apply)

If it is on the weekends and/or after 8pm or if you have your own officiant an additional $29 travel fee is added.

To apply For Your Marriage License with us CLICK HERE.

We are authorized agents to issue Marriage Licenses for weddings that take place in California.

Once you obtain the Marriage license, you have 90 days from the issue date to get married.

We recommend getting your license out of the way about a month before your wedding date, so you don’t have to worry about it at the last minute.

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