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Tea Ceremony

tea ceremony, chinese tea ceremony

An Asian tradition to honor Parents and Elders

We had an amazing wedding and enjoyed every moment of the ceremony”   Source:  Carolina Rodriguez- GOOGLE Reviews

In many asian cutlures a Tea Ceremony is a seperate ceremony to honor the elders.

If couples are not doing a formal tea ceremony it can be incorporated into the ceremony.

A tea tray with a pot of tea and appropiate amount of glasses are set out and at the pescribed time it is served to the parents and/or elders.
The following words can be said by the officiant.

The Tea Tray

It represents the sturdy, solid, foundation you both have received from your families. Your family is here to share in the joy and help you with challenges you will experience.

Warming/Tempering of the Cups

The first year of marriage will set the tone or temperature of your lives together. To prevent cracks, one must never place hot water into a cold cup but instead gently warm it. You must temper your emotions with one another with love.

Tea leaves

Just as we brew or steep the tea leaves, you each should never let any anger fester or steep too long for this will create a bitter and undesirable flavor. Instead, expect heat and challenges and the anger that sometimes comes with them. It is through these are challenges that you both can learn about each other and go with the flow and your marriage will be brewed in love and trust.

Serving of others

The serving of the tea to the elders is your way of thanking them for the experiences they have shared with you. Their knowledge combined with your life experience will help you in turn teach your children and their descendants the way of life.

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