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Potion Ceremony

 A magical addition

 “romantic and fun at the same time”                                                                             

Source: Roger H. -- The KNOT Reviews

I like this ceremony. This is a neat twist on a sand blending ceremony. Instead of using sand, you would be using potions (colored water).

If you are a Star Wars fan mix your midaclorians together into this tree from Endor.

Harry Potter fans blend their essance into this stump from the Enchanted Forest.

Use different types of vessels to achiev your cool theme.

This unique ceremony is a fun way to express your life together. Not only is it entertaining for your guests, it will stay in your memories forever.

This effect is created by placing dry ice in the vessel, and when the liquid is poured into it, a cool smokey effect results.

We can provide the vessel and dry ice for an additional $25.

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