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Dove Release

dove release
A Dove Release ceremony is an amazing to conclude your Ceremony
3 different styles shown below

Dove Release Ceremony

“One of the best ceremonies ever put together.”                     Source: Anahid B. -- YELP Reviews 

White doves are the symbol of Love, Peace and Hope.

 They pair for life, and at the end of each day

They return to the same home for the night.

As COUPLES NAMES release these doves,
We ask you, their family and friends,
To witness this very symbolic gesture,
Which heralds the beginning of their new life together.

 COUPLES NAMES we wish you love,

That, like the doves, continues to soar.
We wish you peace as you work together
To develop a home
And we join in your hope for a long and happy marriage.

Dove Release short version

Like a married couple, the doves are not obliged to be by each other’s side for every hour of every day. In the evening, however, whether their day’s journey has been together or apart, both doves return to the same home for the night.

COUPLES NAMES, as the doves fly they will carry our wishes for peace, love and hope for your future life together,dove_3.jpg

Dove Release longer version

For many centuries, the White Dove has been a symbol of Peace, Love and New Beginnings.

As a romantic gesture, COUPLES NAMES are now going to release these two white pigeons that are meant to represent doves. They will fly upwards, maybe circle above us a few times, and then fly home together, as a pair. This symbolizes our newly wed couple setting off on their journey in life together, in harmony.

Mark and Sharon, we wish for you, that your life together would be long, rich and rewarding. May your marriage carry with it all the wonderful qualities that the White Dove represents.

Poem – Winged Flight

From today this winged love begins its flight
across the skies of time.
It will fly above the bounds of earth
and beyond the edge of now,
for when hearts and minds come
together as one,
the union takes mere mortals
to places never been.

The flight of love will allow you to doves_23.jpg
challenge your wildest dreams.
Side by side you will explore the
endless possibilities of your shared world
And your journey will soar and fly
with bearings sound and direction true.

May your winds be favorable
and your skies remain clear
as you guide your shared flight
towards the rising sun, for in the dawn of each new day
you will find the light to guide your way.

May you enjoy your journey
along the way, and may you feel
the gentle guiding presence of others
who share the skies with you,
the place of freedom,
adventure and endless hope.

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