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It’s your Big Day and I want you to shine,” says Jim Patton, who’s ready to help you celebrate the love and laughter that’s led to this day. Jim’s been helping others tell their stories for many years, including decades as an award winning reporter and anchor in San Diego.

Now as a wedding officiant he comes full circle, having hosted hundreds of wedding receptions in Southern California before his days in television. “I’ve been very fortunate,” says Jim, “to get to know and serve so many people over the years while having great fun!” Jim credits his success to being sincere, as a listener and speaker, and maintaining a sense of humor. “I’ve learned special events don’t have to choose between reverence and laughter,” says Jim, “the two flow together beautifully when everyone is relaxed and in the moment. That’s the energy I love to provide.”  It’s a talent Jim applies to hosting a variety of special events including the annual Ethics Awards given by the Chamber of Commerce to businesses going above and beyond for their customers. It’s an ethic Jim shares as he looks forward to helping you create a ceremony you’ll love. He is an ordained nondenominational Minister / Officiant. He has a degree in history from UC Berkeley.

Jim is based in San Diego and travels throughout Southern California to help couples celebrate their big day. He can Stay Classy San Diego. LOL. 

Favorite Quote: “Today is the first day of the best part of your life.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Soundtrack to your life: Love Is Blue (Instrumental 1968)
Favorite Disney Movie: Moana (You’re Welcome!)
Favorite Event Memory: After one fun ceremony the bride later told me their video was extra entertaining because the videographer (her cousin), didn’t realize his own giggles were being prominently recorded.

Your Nickname: Jimmer! (Because I’m a runner) Also, General. (Because of the famous General Patton. No relation but I take it as an endearing moniker). 

Notable Wedding Review

“We are so happy to have had Jim officiate our wedding. Not only was he a gentle guide through our vows, he was also entertaining. Many of our guests complimented his demeanor, sharing that he was the perfect balance of dignity and humor.” -Katie, Bride in Santa Cruz, 

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