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Fredrick James (Rick) is based in Long Beach and has over 25 yrs experience as a non-denominational ordained minister and has officiated at a wide variety of weddings from traditional to full on crazy costume weddings.

In addition to traditional ceremonies, Rick has also performed beautiful Wiccan weddings, LGBTQ weddings, plus handfasting’s and weddings incorporating Native American elements from his own Native American heritage.

Rick’s primary goal is to get the Couple to relax, laugh and be in the moment so they could enjoy their big day. And be present to share this amazing experience with loved ones, friends, and family.

Fredrick is Located in Long Beach area and travels all over So Cal

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “I’ve been things and seen places” Mae West

Favorite ice cream : vanilla caramel swirl

Soundtrack to your life: “Storybook Love” from Princess Bride…I cry every time I hear it…if you play it at your wedding ceremony I promise I’ll be crying more than you will!

Favorite Disney movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite event memory: I realized that the groom was too nervous to read his vows out loud so when it came his turn I announced to everyone that he was a little nervous (white as a sheet and ready to pass out) that instead of reading his vows that he was going to sing a song to the bride which he felt beautifully described his love for her…and I handed him the mic. His jaw just dropped and after a moment of silence I told him “just kidding” he laughed so hard and long that he was no longer nervous and then spoke his vows of love to his bride.

Your nickname: Raven! (I’ve dressed almost completely in black since I was old enough to walk!)

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