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Ruben is a Non-Denominational Minister.  When he started officiating weddings everyone sensed his ability to skillfully conduct a wonderful wedding ceremony. Ruben is honored to be an integral part of each and every wedding. He understands the importance, significance and beauty of the wedding ceremony.

“The ceremony was enthusiastic” Source: Eric C. – The KNOT Reviews

Ruben believes that his first step is to first develop an authentic rapport with each couple, discuss your aspirations, address concerns, offer advice and, ultimately, honor your vision for your big day. 

Ruben is based out of Torrance and speaks Spanish, English and when needed, Spanglish.

Available Only on Saturday and Sunday

Favorite Quote: “Do or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Phish Food (Ben & Jerry’s)
Soundtrack to your life: Bruce Springsteen’s entire catalog of incredible music!
Favorite Disney Movie: Tarzan
Favorite Event Memory: Watching Joe (a non-Spanish speaker) take his bride Terri by complete surprise when, after reading his wedding vows in English, reread them in Spanish in order to honor her family and have her mother fully understand his true devotion to Terri.
Your Nickname: RB

Ruben es un ministro sin denominación que comenzó a oficiar las bodas a petición de parejas que sientieron su capacidad para oficiar una maravillosa ceremonia de boda. Para Ruben es un gran honor ser parte de cada matrimonio. Ruben comprende la importancia y la belleza de la ceremonia de boda. Ruben cree que el primer paso importante durante este proceso es llegar a conocer cada pareja personalmente para poder entender sus aspiraciones, tranquilizar sus preocupaciones, y honrar sus deseos y visión para su gran día.

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