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Who has two thumbs and loves to officiate weddings? This guy !!

Roger’s wedding this last Saturday at the Irvine Hilton was Fireworks !! More specifically Katy Perry’s song “Fireworks”. When Mach and Shah first met with Roger about him officiating their wedding, they had asked him if he would be comfortable with dancing the choreography to Katie Perry’s song Fireworks….. The plan was for the entire wedding party (Roger included) to dance this routine right after he announced them as husband and wife…… Well, Roger knew what his boss Alan at Great Officiants would say…. you gotta please the customer !! Plus Roger never met a dance routine that he didn’t like….So when the big moment came…. Roger and the bridal party rocked the house…and frankly, Roger was the best !!! He’s thinking about changing his title to Rev Roger, the dancing officiant !!!



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