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What have I done that is trendsetting?


What have I done that is trendsetting?
Throughout the years I have amassed a lot of knowledge and created many different sides of my business.
Each one of these on their own is not necessarily trendsetting but together these 10 parts in my opinion exemplify what a professional in the wedding industry is all about.

1. When same-sex marriage was in its infancy I was one of the first to get on board and rally behind it's legalization and once legal showing others how to work with these amazing couples.

2. Creating the largest wedding officiant company in the area and offering a variety of styles and believe systems two couples across the Southern California area.

3. Having over 1000 online reviews and teaching wedding professionals how to get these reviews themselves. According to Wedding Wire we have more reviews than any wedding related business in the Southern California area.

4. Creating a style of ceremony unlike ceremonies of the past. Most of the ceremonies over the years have been dull and boring with my creative approach to the wedding ceremony process I have enlightened couples enabling them to have a ceremony unlike any other they or their guests have ever been to.

5 By owning the only 24 hour wedding chapel in Southern California I have enabled couples to avoid having to make that crazy drive to Las Vegas. We also issue the marriage license so couples can avoid standing in line at the County Clerk.

6. Successfully performing over 1000 ceremonies each year within Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura counties is pretty impressive.

7. Serving on on 2 ABC boards.

8. Being a featured speaker at the Wedding MBA and various wedding networking groups.

9. Mentoring new people in the industry to help them understand the industry so they can thrive.

10. Ordaining many of the venue managers I work with so they have a backup in the event the officiant is a no show.

Yes I know I'm goofy and do things completely differently than everyone else and have my own style but that is what makes me special that is what makes me stand out among others. Not everybody gets me and not everybody understands or likes my style. That's okay I don't expect to be loved by everyone. But for the couples who I serve for the 50+ venues Who have me on their preferred vendor list and for the other vendors who I work with and thrive with….. they get me and that's good enough for me.

I am proud to be this years trendsetter of the year.



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