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What a joy to be with Tiffany and Jeff at the beautiful Orange Hill restaurant

20151025_174445_resizedWhat a joy to be with Tiffany and Jeff at the beautiful Orange Hill restaurant.  It was decorated classically with none other than Tiffany blue and a lovely soft white,   The flowers were everywhere and simply gorgeous!   Their only match was the bride.  Tiffany looked stunning.

She and Jeff had a long road to get to this place.   Together for years, they have been career focused,  sometimes long distance, in order to advance, but always loving and supporting one another.

Tiffany’s own story is poignant.  Her parents both died when she was young, leaving her to grow up quickly.  Their death has defined her life but it hasn’t destroyed.   We can see her strength, her strong character,  her will and her compassion.   They are in everything she does, and everything she is.

So their wedding began with a recognition of parents, and an opportunity for Jeff to lay bouquets of flowers at her parents’ seats,  reminding all present that even though they were absent physically they still present –their spirits were certainly among us.

Standing with the mountains on one side, sweeping views of Orange County, and the ocean on another,  Jeff and Tiffany stood at the precipice of their new life and said “I do.”   This wasn’t a fairytale wedding, although it had all the beauty of one,  but it was instead a real life wedding for a real life marriage. Aware of the ups and downs, the heartache of life and the incredible joys, Tiffany and Jeff said yes to the journey.  Before their family and friends, the spirit of her parents, the God who knows and loves them, they exchanged vows and rings and began a life grounded in love.

Blessings to a very special couple!2015-10-25 20.00.38_resized 2015-10-25 20.13.08_resized

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