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Well……..This is a first.

rogershaneandtakishaRoger married a wonderful couple this last week at the beautiful Wilson Creek Winery down in Temecula.  When Roger first met them, they told him they wanted a fun loving and romantic wedding ceremony, and they could tell that Roger could do just that…..  But they also asked for a special favor from Roger.  After the wedding, they wanted Roger to join them in their “first dance” medley.  One of the songs was going to be the very popular song California from Colonel Loud and since they were from Virginia, they wanted Roger to give that “California feel” to their dance !  Now mind you, Roger has never in his 350 plus weddings ever been asked to join a bride & groom on their first dance and frankly was a little (a lot) nervous about this request !! Roger asked them several times if they were sure they wanted this to happen and would their guests enjoy it and not think that the wedding officiant had just decided to crash their dance??  They assured Roger that would not be the case and that the crowd would love him joining them……….  Well……….they were absolutely right !  From the very start, the guests were on board for the fun !  From the ceremony to first dance, this was a crowd that wanted (and had) fun !  Roger had the time of his life and can’t wait to do it again (New note: Roger has had second thoughts and thinks first dances should be still just for the bride & groom ha !)

Shane & Takisha were also very happy !  They sent this wonderful note to Roger……..


We just arrived back home and could not wait to send you a thank you letter to let you know how much we appreciated you officiating our wedding. You helped make it funny, endearing and memorable for everyone who was present.your willingness to jump in with the festivities was a show stopper!  I don’ think anyone will forget this wedding! 

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