Weed Weddings


joint vowsWhen marijuana became legal, the world of Pot oriented weddings became a real thing. So to keep up with the times we created a new division to cater to this new breed of Weddings.

We believe you should have the ceremony that you want. Your ceremony can contain any elements you choose to have without being judged by that stuffy old clergy dude. Finding a person to perform your wedding ceremony doesn't have to be a bummer.

You choose from one of our Fun and Romantic Officiants that understand your lifestyle and herbage choices. Enjoy the buzz of having a totally awesome ceremony. Together we twist up the perfect words and incorporate actions to bring the ceremony to an all new high.

weedsuitThis is why I put together our Joint Vows team.

Our team of Top Shelf Officiants Understand your life style and want to help you celebrate it.

Thinking about having your stoner friend perform your ceremony? .... DON'T DO IT MAN!! Let me be blunt, your friends, while they mean well, will totally kill your buzz. Our Officiants won't lose their place or get all cotton-mouthed during the ceremony. We professionally roll through your ceremony to tell your story and to legally sign your marriage license properly.


Joint Vows is not promoting the use of marijuana or any other substance legal or illegal. We do not condone inappropriate use of any substance.

We are simply a group off Professional Wedding Officiants who honor couples legal choices in regards to incorporating cannabis in their wedding ceremony.

We will not sell, offer for free, or consume any substance as part of our services.

If you are having a problem with any type of substance abuse please contact a health professional.