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Water and Bamboo Ceremony Highlites this Wedding performed by Mauricio our Amazing Filipino Wedding Officiant

A.Mauricio just received this video which captures the romantic and fun wedding ceremonies for which he as a “Great Officiant” has come to be known.  Following the video are a few comments taken from various correspondences sent via email by Cindy and Mark.  In the video Cindy uses her Taiwanese name, Wanjou, and Mark is sometimes referred to by family by his middle name, Justin.  Theirs was truly a very personal and joyous wedding celebration.

“I just [paid] the retainer fee… You belong to us!  Cindy and I couldn’t stop raving about you on the drive home last night.  We were raving even more after our ice cream stop, but that’s probably due to the sugar high. J/K!  …you’ve added more joy to our already joyful wedding!”  (received after A.Mauricio’s initial meeting with the couple)

“Wow, what can I say? … You described the greatest moment of my life (meeting Cindy) with colorful and personalized words…it is your great attention to detail that makes you THE officiant for us.  As for the water and bamboo speech, it is right on the money! The necessity of water, the flexibility of bamboo… You’ve described the symbolism that I knew subconsciously, but couldn’t put into words.” (received with their approval of A.Mauricio’s proposed ceremony script)

Here is the not he received shortly after their wedding.

“Thank you again …for making our wedding day smooth and successful. I’ve only been hearing great reviews from the guests, and it’s all thanks to your professionalism and talent. You’ve helped [make] our wedding truly OUR wedding. Thank you… Mark and Cindy Lacson

United on June 2, 2013 at the Long Beach Museum of Art.” 

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