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Under the Oak Tree in Agoura Hills

Ring ExchangeWoody had the honor of performing Alexandra and Steven’s wedding this weekend under an oak tree at the Cheeseboro Park in Agoura Hills. As a matter of fact, it was under two oak trees. The two trees came together to form what Woody calls: “Nature’s Cathedral.” The branches on either side almost hit the ground, and when the sun came through, it was like stained-glass.

Woody custom wrote a nature-themed wedding for nature-lovers, Alexandra and Steven. Woody started the ceremony out by saying: “As we stand here under this centuries-old oak tree, I’d like to start out by saying that every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts, who decided to stand their ground. During the ceremony the couple exchanged their own vows as well as had a Couples Rose Exchange. Woody concluded the ceremony with a quote from Louis de Bernieres: “May your roots grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms fall from your branches, you find that you are one tree, and not two.”

Early Monday morning the Bride wrote:

“Hi Woody,

Thank you so much for a beautiful wedding ceremony. It all went off without a hitch! Didn’t I tell you those oak trees were magnificent?! Here are a few photos from the ceremony. Feel free to use them for your portfolio if you’d like.

All the best,


Another picture-perfect wedding for Woody!20150801_184105_resized 20150801_184847_resized Woody Taking Pic woody taking pic2

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