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This Wedding Was A Perfect Design………..

rogerscottjairo1Scott & Jairo wanted to get married and wanted to do it absolutely right !  They started out with a fantastic wedding coordinator, Kayla Ton, one of Roger’s favorites ( who helped them plan the perfect wedding.  First they picked the amazing and beautiful Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood and then Kayla told them that if they wanted to have an amazing ceremony, there is only one wedding officiant she recommends and that’s Roger Lundblade.  And Roger lived up to the recommendation !  This wedding ceremony was one of Roger’s top three weddings ever out of the many hundreds of weddings he’s done!  There were tears and laughter and more tears and laughter !!!  Seriously….not only did Roger know when to pause and hold for dramatic moments, but also had to hold for applause breaks….. APPLAUSE BREAKS !!……at a wedding !!!  This was over the top fantastic !!   Scott & Jairo are now Roger’s newest BFF !!rogerscottjairo2 rogerscottjairo3 rogerscottjairo4

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