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This Wedding Takes The Cake….

This last weekend Roger married Richard & Monica at the beautiful Hilton Waterfront Hotel in Huntington Beach. And even though the ceremony was right next to the beach, it still was a very warm & humid day and the wedding was right at 12noon out by the pool….. In the sun…… nice & hot…… and maybe not enough umbrellas…. And this caused havoc bringing out the wedding cake. It was 30 minutes before the ceremony and Roger noticed two of the bridesmaids rolling out this rather tall wedding cake down a steep walkway in the hot sun…. Roger realized that the cake was beginning to lean so he quickly took off his "wedding officiant cape" and put on his "save the cake cape” and came to their rescue. Without the three of them literally holding the cake together as they moved it in position by the pool, this cake would have never made it to the reception! A perfect ceremony and a very tasty cake for the reception!!

Here are some kind words from the bride & groom:

Hi Roger:

Everything turned out extremely well! We are both very pleased with the results. You made it very easy for us. We were very tense and nervous and your way of conducting the ceremony made things much easier and fun. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and we got very positive comments about you. 

We really appreciate all that you did. Thank you so much!

Richard and Monica


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