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The flask the flowers and the yacht.

 Hilary and Thor got married today on the back of a beautiful yacht docked by Seaport Village in Long Beach. It was the most perfect afternoon for a wedding ceremony. The sun was setting a light breeze was blowing and the guests were slightly intoxicated.

 I have met with this happy couple a couple of times prior to the wedding and we can instantly bonded. Even their wonderful mother came to visit me on her own.

On the day of the wedding I met them on the boat and issued them their marriage license.

I set up my sound system at the rear of the boat and had their two songs ready to play. Annie’s song by John Denver and time in a bottle by Jim Croce

At the beginning of the ceremony I took some flower petals and tossed them over the side of the boat in dedication to their fathers who have passed on.

I’ve been performed a wonderful heartfelt ceremony and included a sand ceremony and a Jewish glass crush at the end.

Somehow during the picture session after the ceremony she ended up with a flask in her hand that was holding the flowers. She didn’t realize it at the time because of all the post. Ceremony picture taking. It created a wonderful laugh from her and the guests in the area.

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