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Tattoo vows at the OC Mining Company

When Erin and Jack came in for their wedding meeting I saw that he was tatted up. I told them of the tattoo vows I wrote and the wanted it incorporated in their ceremony.

It goes something like this

Love is like a tattoo. You see it on the wall and you like it on your arm. It’s a little painful at first but you and do her. Everyone admires your new tattoo.
But then as the years go on your tattoo starts to fade and you wonder why did I get this and it’s a real pain to get rid of. But your tattoo, your love, will get brighter as the years go on and everyone’s going to wonder….. where can I get a tattoo, where can I get a love just like that.

Their ceremony was a blast. Their guests were very excited and got all kinds of compliments after the ceremony.



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