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056It’s hard to believe that true love could arise from a high school fight!  But that’s exactly what happened!

And like their storybook characters, these two brides had to undergo a personal transformation and over come obstacles & prejudice in order to realize that the love of their life was standing before them.

009So last Saturday, Kristin & Yvonne publicly celebrated the fact that “right in the middle of an ordinary life, love brings you a fairy tale” in a custom ceremony written & performed by Great Officiant Pris Munson.

Dressed as Belle and the Beast, amid tears of joy, our bride’s journey to their wedding day and vision for marriage was honored through storytelling, poetry, personal vows, a rose ceremony, and the Blessing of the Stones.

002Beautiful rose quartz had their energy of love amplified with prayers and positive thoughts by each guest throughout the ceremony.

And afterwards, our brides received them back to enjoy on their sweetheart table and later, to be displayed in a place of honor in their home to be reminded of the love of family and friends.

To everyone’s delight, two adorable nieces of the brides portrayed Belle at earlier times; one, as the ring bearer: Belle, a peasant girl in the village reading a book (that held the rings!), and the other, as the flower girl: Belle, as she fled / returned to the Beast’s castle in her travelling cloak.

Other ways their Beauty & the Beast theme was carried out:

In the selections for the procession from the movie’s soundtrack; black silhouettes of094 Kristin & Yvonne from Disneyland; table decor with the rose under glass; and the song “Be Our Guest” playing as guests moved through the Kellogg House on the Cal Poly Pomona campus, from the ceremony out front to the reception in the backyard.

It was an affair of a life time.  Because as the title song says, “Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly!”   And once this occurred in their lives, a deep, abiding love was born.

090And on Saturday afternoon, thanks to all those working tirelessly for marriage equality, these two beautiful young women participated in a ritual rooted in antiquity… and became lawfully wedded wives!

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