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Super Heroes and Princesses Join Forces at a Wedding Ceremony at the Long Beach Museum of Art

Today was a fun and unique wedding at the Long Beach Museum of Art.

superhero weddingUnder the mild mannered tuxedos of the Groom and Groomsmen lurked their Superhero persona. One by one they walked down the aisle to their theme music and revealed under their attire their hidden true Superhero identity.

Then the Bridesmaids came out to their theme music to reveal their hidden Princess personas. One even shot an arrow to show off her ala The Brave movie.


Their Famous Wedding Officiant Alan Katz played the part as the leader of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Alan Katz wedding Officiant themed weddings

The ceremony was filled with references to the Superheros and Disneyisms.

In the ceremony was mostly improvised by Katz, he told the Superman Groom that his Bride was his kryptonite and that her had to make the choice of losing his super powers in exchange for the power of love. He chose to accept the change. The rest of the ceremony was a wonderful exchange of their personal vows and I dos culminating with a kiss that will be read about in fairy tales for eons to come.

Each table for the reception had a custom Superhero or Disney centerpiece.

May they live happily ever after.

The Catering Managers of The Long Beach Museum of Art Love Great Officiants.

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