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Summertime Nuptials- Poolside In the OC

Adam & Ashley


Nestled in the hills near Santiago Canyon, the groom’s childhood home proved a perfect setting for the late afternoon union of Adam, Ashley and son Hawkins.


Complete with tender personal vows, family love letters, gift giving, poetry, live string players, a live jazz band and glorious weather, this Ultimate custom ceremony designed & led by Great Officiant Pris Munson, brought forth happy tears as this couple’s unique path to marriage was told, and lots of laughter, as their family dynamics were on display thanks to the antics of their 5 year old. 


Serving as both best man and ring bearer, this precocious youngster had everyone chuckling and wondering what would happen next.  Fortunately, Officiant Pris enlisted the gathering’s support to “relax and go with the flow” with a child involved, and this proved an appropriate suggestion!


Everything was going along as planned with Hawkins walking his mother down the aisle, but then, once in place, he asked aloud how long he would have to stand there.  When he found out it would be more than a couple of minutes, he disappeared to another part of the garden!  Later, when he returned to his mother’s side, he wondered aloud where his bread sticks were and could she find them right away!  Then, he took the rings out of their fancy gold turtle and ran with them around the pool! 


These surprises were, of course, fodder for Officiant Pris to invite the spirit of lightness & play to share the seriousness and gravitas of the moment.  So in between the sections of the ceremony, Hawkins would come back up front to be with his mother and Adam.  And in what appeared to be an act of thoughtfulness, he fanned her so she could cool down!   He even fanned Pris, too.  And fortunately, he stayed long enough to bring the rings up at the right time and receive a special engraved compass so that he would always be able to find his way!


The truth is, this Ultimate Celebration of Adam & Ashley’s Love Story was made all the more endearing by these spontaneous interruptions.  And they reminded everyone that we were not only bearing witness to this couple’s vows, we were being offered a rare glimpse into a young family’s life-in-action. 


And isn’t life just like this display anyway, in all its many shades and layers, moving like clouds from serious to lightness and back again.  Endlessly in motion.  


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