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Special 80s music wedding ceremony. I wrote some awesome 80 lyrics.

Today at the Japanese gardens in Long Beach I’m doing an 80s wedding. This couple loves 80s music so I wrote some special words for their ceremony
Our couple today loves the 80s music so some special words to celebrate because it’s a nice day for a white wedding.

When they first met they realized that sweet dreams were made of this. And they were both walking on sunshine.

At first Nicole was too shy and Justin was a super freak. Nice thought girls just want to have fun until she met Justin and she thought what I like about you is that I melt with you.

Justin was hungry like a wolf and he said I found that sweet child of mine.

And well one thing leads to another and they said you shook me all night long.

So after being together for a while you thought might as well jump and decided to live together and your love shack and you were livin on a prayer.

A remember every rose has its thorn and sometimes you will say do you really want to hurt me because love is a battlefield and you will have to fight for your right to party.

But don’t stop believing and remember that she will keep on loving you and every breath you take your know that you’re going to have to face it that you’re addicted to love.

So welcome to the jungle.


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