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Seven Colors in a Family Sand Ceremony, on the Sand on Westward Beach in Malibu

PointDumeStateBeachI had a very nice wedding this past Saturday evening. The wedding took place on Westward Beach in Malibu, just south of Zuma. The wedding was for a very nice couple by the name of Mark Askey and Chelsea Otero. What made this wedding truly unique however was that this couple had five lovely children present. All of which participated in the bridal party.   

We performed the ceremony and then at the end of the service, we included a special 'unity sand' component for Mark, Chelsea and the five kids. Seven different colors of sand all being blended into a beautiful central container. 

It was really nice seeing this family come together on such a beautiful evening, and I was fortunate to be a part of their special day.

Dr. Michael A. Woods

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