LGBTQ Weddings

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We are honored to offer Ceremony Services to all Couples.

As the Top Equality based Wedding Officiant Team in Southern California, we are honored to continue to serve the LGBTQ Community as we have for the last 10+ years. 

We are proud to continue our long held position on providing services to all loving adult couples.same sex wedding 5

The Officiants will perform any type of ceremony you choose religious or non-religious.

They are happy to customize your ceremonies to make your event exactly how you like it and design the perfect ceremony for you

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Quick Tip iconGet your Marriage License at our Long Beach facility or have it delivered to you

 Alan Katz is a featured speaker at bridal associations to teach wedding planners and industry professionals on working with the LBGTQ community and how to design the perfect event.

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Member of the LBGLCC (Long Beach Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce)

Donator to the Center in Long Beach

All adult couples deserve the right to marry the adult they love.