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Roger’s ceremony had a wedding crasher like no other !!

Roger was performing a beautiful wedding at the Cerritos Library last weekend…. It was outside on the top floor of the library…. A beautiful location and a perfect wedding……until one lone wedding crasher showed up uninvited !
No, not Uncle Jack or the brides ex-boyfriend…..but a male carpenter bee who decided he wanted to be part of the wedding party. So Bob (that’s what Roger named him…), so Bob decides he wants to land on each of the bridesmaid’s bouquets and proceeds to do just that…… After each of the bridesmaids reject his advances, he decides that the bride is his latest fancy…and lands on her veil !! So at this point, Roger repeats his opening words about those who do not wish this wedding to happen, please leave at this time……and dang if that carpenter bee didn’t fly off at that exact moment !!! Roger got a giant round of applause, and then proceeded on with the wedding, never to see Bob again…. Wonder what wedding he is at now??

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