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Roger says “Better Late then Never”

Roger’s wedding this last Saturday at the very cool ocean view Khoury’s Restaurant in Long Beach almost didn’t happen ! You see the bride arrived a hour late for her wedding. Not so much her fault but the double stretch Hummer Limo they had rented couldn’t navigate the streets to get to the wedding venue !! Roger was hanging in there (along with the entire wedding party) but the restaurant had another wedding scheduled to happen right after their wedding. If the Hummer didn’t get their soon, they would not be able to have the wedding outside where it was planned. Thank goodness they made it and Roger was able to give them the wedding of their dreams… You see, good things come to those who wait…….


Roger’s A Lousy Liar !!

Roger’s prides himself at being an honest and upstanding guy, so it was a very difficult thing for him at his wedding on Saturday because it was a surprise wedding for the guests disguised as as an engagement party !! It would have been fine had Roger just came in at the last moment to conduct the wedding….but nooooo, the bride and groom wanted Roger to socialize with all the “engagement party” guests and make up a “back story” that he “worked” with the bride at her place of employment. They said nobody would ask any questions of him…… Well, best laid plans……. Everybody asked him questions !!! He ended up telling one group that he worked in accounting and another he worked in human resources !!!! He was sinking fast and thankfully the surprise wedding started and it was grand !!! Roger did say that everybody came up to him afterwards and said how wonderful a wedding officiant he was and thank god, because he was not good at lying……. Lesson learned !!!


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