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Roger performed a beautiful wedding at the always wonderful Palisade Park in Santa Monica

Some couples will exchange gifts during the ceremony and some couples will read their worlds of love to one another……..  This last Saturday Roger got to witness a very special gift that was given to the groom Alfredo from his bride Julianne…..and Roger got to be part of it.  The wedding was held at the always wonderful Palisades Park in Santa Monica.  Just a small intimate wedding of 25 people including Julianne’s two children.  Plus Julianne is pregnant with their first child together.  And neither of them know the gender of the baby…. At least that is what Alfredo thought…..  So just before Roger announces them husband and wife…. he mentions that Julianne has a gift for him…….. What could it be???  She hands him a small box……. And in that box was a very, teeny tiny pair of PINK cowboy boots !!  Alfredo was now a father to a little girl….for a total of three girls now !  It was a wonderful surprise and a doozy of a gift !!

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