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Rev. Sarah officiated for a fun and awesome couple at the Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach

Christine and Bryce hail from Colorado, so we met first on skype.  I got to know this fun, adventurous, animal loving couple, and felt like I really had a feel for who they are and their journey almost instantaneously.  I loved hearing their story and was so excited to meet them!  We finally met in person the day before their wedding at their rehearsal at the Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach.  They were loving every minute of their time in California –they looked like they were heading to the beach the moment we finished the rehearsal!

By their wedding day, both Christine and Bryce were dressed to the nines!  Her bridal gown was gorgeous, and he was looking handsome.  I got the chance to witness their “first look” and saw the tears in Bryce’s eyes as he cast his first glance at his bride!  So sweet!

Their florists did an incredible job decorating an arch and creating an aisle of rose petals.  They had three stringed musicians, who played the most beautiful music.  The view from the Ocean Terrace was perfect –the sun was nearing sunset, the whole sky was simply magical, and the waves were crashing adding a whole new dimension to the accompany the musicians!

I’ve never been to a wedding that actually started early! But everyone was ready and lined up early and ready to go, with guests already present and seated before our 7:30pm start-time.  Very impressive!

Bryce and Christine opted to write their own vows -and they did so beautifully.  It was a lovely ceremony –filled with laughter and tears and a whole lot of love!  They both have such an adventurous spirit, they will challenge each other, and support one another, and have fun doing it!   Their wedding day was incredible – a perfect way to begin their marriage.  Many blessings along your journey!   Congratulations Bryce and Christine!

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