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Christian Ceremonies


From $499

Choose a Christian or Non-Denominational Ministers.

“my family kept mentioning that this was one of the best ceremonies they have been to”  Source:  Natasha G. -- The KNOT Reviews

You can have your wedding the religious flavor you desire without counseling or classes.

Dicsuss your ideas with one of the Clergy on how to design a great Christian wedding ceremony.

With your Non-Denominational or Christian Ministers you will design the feel of the ceremony based on your denomination that you need. Ask them to incorporate just the right amount of faith.

Celebrate your love and excitement with each other and enhance the ceremony with your beliefs.

Choose the addition of a simple prayer or a customized worship ceremony to will get the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

Greatest Package $575

A fully customized ceremony where your love story is incorporated into the ceremony.

Using the ceremony samples and ad-ins. This is our MOST requested package. You can fill out the relationship questionnaire online here.

Great Package $499

It is a traditional ceremony using our ceremony samples and ad-ins with light customization.

Ultimate $675

A non-traditional ceremony where a whole new ceremony is created based on your needs. Your love story and other items are incorporated to make a totally unique ceremony event.

Are you one of these Denominations Below? Lets design the perfect ceremony for you.

Methodist / Wesleyan 
Mormon / Latter-Day Saints 
Churches of Christ 
Congregational/United Church of Christ 
Jehovah’s Witness 
Assemblies of God 
Church of God 
Seventh-Day Adventist 
Orthodox (Eastern) 
Church of the Nazarene 
Disciples of Christ 
Church of the Brethren 
Reformed/Dutch Reform 
Apostolic/New Apostolic 
Christian Science 
Full Gospel

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