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Catholic Wedding Ceremony

catholic ceremony

 Catholic Style From $499

Catholic Priests From $775


Incorporate your Catholic Faith into your Wedding Ceremony

So you want to have a catholic ceremony, but you are unable to do it at a church, well we can help you.



Your Catholic Wedding Ceremony can be a beautiful experience. If you wish to have their ceremonies outside of the Catholic Church there are ways to do it at your selected Wedding Venue, at the beach, a hall or at your home.



Choose the options below to achieve your perfect ceremony.

“We were able to customize the ceremony to have the Lasso & the Rose ceremony as a part of what we wanted” Source: Natasha G. -- The KNOT Review

Greatest Package

$575 for a more customized ceremony incorporating your love story (our most popular package). You can fill out the relationship Questionairre online here.

Great Package

$499 for a Catholic Style Ceremony featuring some of the prayers and none of the guilt


From $775 for a former Catholic Priest to come and bless the wedding like in the church

Bilingual Catholic Style Ceremony

$534 for a bilingual officiant to design the perfect amount of language mix that will be perfect for your family.

More about Catholic ceremonies

Roman Catholic Priests will not leave the church to perform a wedding ceremony. If you are interfaith or have been divorced or never confirmed, you may not be able to get married by the Catholic Church due to their rules.

We can refer former Roman Catholic Priests who can perform a wonderful Catholic inspired Wedding Ceremony for you without all the rules or classes.

While you will not have the churches blessing at the conclusion you can still have a wonderfully inspired religious ceremony to fill your soul and appease your family.

Your wonderful ceremony will be inspirational and bring in the perfect amount of belief that you have.

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Check out our team of Catholic Priests here

Watch the videos of an interview with Father Geoff. He is one of the Priests that we work with and this is an informative series of interviews on how to have a Catholic Wedding Ceremony outside of the Catholic Church.

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