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non denominational wedding officiant

Patrick is the “moonshining officiant!” In
addition to being an ordained minister, Patrick is a master distiller right in the heart of the Paso Robles wine country. Not only can he craft personalized
ceremonies that reflect the unique essence of each couple, he can craft you a libation or two as well.

You won’t have to be concerned if your guests in the back of the ceremony will hear him, Patrick is also a voice actor with a masculine yet eloquent vocal prowess.  With his pleasing and powerful voice, nobody will be snoozing during your ceremony.  

He intertwines good feelings, love, and laughter into every wedding. 
Your guests will feel included, and be left with as many memories of the ceremony as you will.  

Patrick ‘s Ceremonies are not only tailored to your desires, they are full of energy and life.  Be it planning a small wedding or a large soiree, he brings experience and a passion for officiating.

Patrick specializes in non-religious and non-denominational weddings; inclusive of all beliefs, backgrounds, and orientations.  

He is based in San Luis Obispo and available throughout the Central Coast of California.

Fun Facts:

you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow
internet to see who they really are”  -Will Ferrell
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cherry Garcia
Soundtrack to your life: The “B” side of Abbey Road
Favorite Disney Movie: A Bug’s Life
Favorite Event Memory: The best man had crafted a beautifully
ornate box to hold the rings, but it didn’t close properly…and the bride’s
ring fell out on the way to the altar!  When it was time for the ring
exchange, we were all dumbfounded and unsure of whether or not the missing ring
was a bad joke!  The mother of the bride and I went into quick action, and
used her ring to complete the ceremony in style.  Then, we organized a
wedding wide search party and found the ring near the pathway walking up to the
ceremony.  Crisis averted, and the most joyous celebration ensued once the
ring was recovered!
Your Nickname: Patty-B

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