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One Intimate Beach Wedding…….All done On The Sly……….

regor1This last weekend Roger married Chris & Ericka, a very cool couple who drove out from Arizona with their children in order to get married by the ocean.  They wanted to be close to the sea and recite their vows with just a small entourage, maybe 12 to 14 people including their kids…But the dilemma was they didn’t realize that they needed to get official permission to marry on the beach or park with a group that size. So the day of the wedding, they met Roger at the Great Officiants office in Long Beach, filled out the paperwork for their wedding license and were ready to get married, but where? So Roger, being the enterprising fellow, suggested a favorite location of his, the Long Beach Lighthouse!! So the whole group followed Roger over to the park, casually walked up to the lighthouse, gathered in a circle and performed the ceremony! It was intimate, personal, loving and all done on the sly!  And just as we they finishing, the park department van was rushing up to the group, so all of them disbursed and acted like nothing special was happening all while Roger was wearing his ministers robe! It was a perfect wedding!!regor2 regor3

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