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On the day Ohnmar and Doug were to be married, the sky was threatening rain, and the winds made the cold that much more biting

1115151607_HDR croppedThis past November 11th, on the day Ohnmar and Doug were to be married, the sky was threatening rain, and the winds made the cold that much more biting. When A. Mauricio arrived at The Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast he was met by the venue coordinator who, although wearing a winter coat and shivering, greeted him warmly and directed him to the area where the ceremony would take place and preparations were being finalized.

Once at the gazebo, A. Mauricio learned from the florists that one of the tall glass vases, replete with flowers, had already earlier been blown off its pedestal, sending it crashing to the ground. This news seemed prophetic as later, and just before the start of the ceremony, after A. Mauricio requested that guests mute their cell phones, a strong gust blew and toppled another floral arrangement.

A. Mauricio quipped to the guests that in a Jewish wedding glass breaking is usually reserved for at the close of the ceremony. Not withstanding, he suggested why not take the opportunity to offer celebratory well-wishes to Ohnmar and Doug by shouting “Mazel Tov!”? A number of family members and friends of the bride and groom concurred, and as they raised their voices, a few stray droplets of water began to fall here and there. They were just enough to cause concern, but A. Mauricio held they were just a symbolic representation of the showers of blessings that Ohnmar and Doug had in store for them in married life.

Then as if on cue: After the fallen flowers were gathered, and the last few pieces of glass were swept away… with the groom, Doug, in his place next to the officiant, A. Mauricio, and the bride’s processional music playing… the sun seemed to wake from behind its blanket of clouds, bringing with it blue skies. Its rays stretched, as if in a yawn, and warmed the air making all things bright and beautiful. The scene was made only more bright and beautiful by the bride, Ohnmar, as she made her way down the aisle to join her groom.

Recently in an email correspondence A. Mauricio received the following comment from the couple: “It was a great pleasure having you officiate our wedding ceremony. Your performance was above and beyond our expectations. The ceremony* was very personal and a touch of humor. A lot of guests had tears because it was so loving and touching. Everyone talked about your great performance and asked us how we found you…”

* Ohnmar’s and Doug’s ceremony was made even more unique as they chose to incorporate a ritual called “The Tasting of the Four Elements” which has its roots in the Yoruba culture of West Africa. In the observation the couple tasted flavors that represented four elements that comprise a marriage.

As a side note, Ohnmar and Doug came to the Great Officiants office with the intention of having A. Mauricio only issue their Marriage License, however, the couple liked him so much that they asked him to also be their Officiant!Ohnmar & Doug 1115151442_HDR Ohnmar & Doug 1115151459c_HDR MR Ohnmar & Doug 1115151501_HDR MR Ohnmar & Doug 1115151604_HDR cropped

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