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On a numerically auspicious day, Michael performs 3 ceremonies, scores a 10/10: 12/13/14

One of the busiest days last year was December 13th, 2014, for the simple fact of being married on 12/13/14. Here are three of Michael's wonderful ceremonies, one of them in our newly renovated Wine Chapel!

Date: 12/13/14

Venue: Newport Beach Hyatt Regency

Alexa and Kenny truly ROCK!  Right from the get-go I knew this was going to be a truly unique ceremony.  We began their ceremony on 12/13/14 at precisely 15:16:17 o'clock.  They came in with a 50 person processional with multiple songs throughout.  

After welcoming everyone we did a remembrance for those who had passed and two of their friends did a special reading.  Then, after we did their Vows, I Do's and Rings they, along with their children, assembled a hand-made metal infinity puzzle designed by Kenny's cousin.  I pronounced them husband and wife and sent them and their 150 guests off to what I'm sure was an amazing reception.

Congratulations to you both!!!121314

Date:  12/13/14

Venue: The Grand, Long Beach

Megan and Tim were so fun to work with.  They wanted to incorporate a mother's rose ceremony to honor their moms and a special sand ceremony with 3 vials so that we could include their son, Carter, into the ceremony as well.  I love when we're able to incorporate a couple's children as it truly makes for a special ceremony.  

Our best wishes to all three of you!1213142

Date: 12/13/14

Venue: Wine Down Bar, Great Officiants Location

I was so excited to perform Mark and Karen's wedding as not only was it the first wedding I've performed in one of our chapels, but it was also the first ceremony we've had in the Wine Down bar since it's recent renovation.

We performed a simple, sweet ceremony in front of their 60 guests, after which I sent them off to a nearby restaurant where they had their reception.  

Thank you both for breaking in our space and best of luck!1213143

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