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Octavio Customizes a Lovely Ceremony for a Lovely Couple at Luminarias in Monterey Park

IMG_0269Cynthia & Tony are a rocking couple! The three of us were together at , like I do with most of my couples, in designing a custom my ceremony. The end result was a bilingual ceremony at Luminarias with a few tweaks that represented the couple in a more personal way.

Cynthia and Tony both love tequila! So we decided to do the wine ceremony but instead of doing it with wine we changed the words and made it with tequila.  It was both customized in hilarious! When we got to that part of the ceremony and I started saying the words all the wedding guests started laughing out loud!

Tony acted like a veteran! He sprained his ankle a couple of months before the wedding, and had to have surgery. Even though he could barely stand, let alone walk, he still walked down the aisle and stood there throughout the ceremony. He even held their baby through the beginning of the ceremony! I don't know how he did it but my guess is that the love he has for Cynthia is so strong that it completely blocked out any pain he was feeling.

They both looked so amazing! The minute I saw them holding hands and looking into each others eyes, the words just started pouring out of me! Cindy and Tony I wish you both all the blessings in the world and my love to you and your family! Tony I hope your recovery is fast and you're able to be back on your feet ASAP!

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