non religious

From $395 

Your wedding is a celebration of your love story. Let's design a ceremony that is perfect for you.

Your ceremony should be a fun and romantic celebration of your feelings you have for each other.

Our professional Wedding Officiants work with you to the design the perfect non-religious ceremony you desire.

Some people call us Justice of the Peace, Civil ceremony, Married by Court, Secular and more.

Your options are to choose the perfect Officiant from of our team, design the perfect ceremony and live happliy ever after.

ach of our Officiants will make it a ceremony to remember.

Greatest Package $495

A fully customized ceremony where we incorporate your love story into the ceremony.

Using the ceremony samples and ad-ins. This is our MOST requested package. You can fill out relationship questionnaire here.

Great Package $395 

It is a traditional ceremony using our ceremony samples and ad-ins with light customization

Ulitmate $595

A non traditional ceremony where we create a whole new ceremony based on your needs. We incorporate your love story and other items to make a totally unique ceremony event.

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Our Officiants live in different areas of Southern California.
The Travel Fee will be based on the Officiants Home location.
First 20 miles free.
21-34 mile Travel Fee $35
35 to 49 mile Travel Fee $50
50 to 74 mile Travel Fee $75
75 to 100 mile Travel Fee $125
Over 100 Call for Quote