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Mozel Tov, Rachel and Josh! Wedding performed by Rabbi Barry Tuchman La Canada Country Club

Josh and RachelJosh and Rachel put a lot of their personal energies into their ceremony at La Canada Country Club, begging, prior to anyone arriving, with the purifying ritual performed by family friend and shaman.

1.    How they brought their and their families energies into the wedding.

2.    Josh made the Chuppah himself.

3.    He used one of Rachel’s Grandfathers Tallit to cover the Chuppah.

4.    The Kiddush Cup was a gift from a dear aunt.

5.    They wrote their own vows.

6.    Rachel used her Grandmothers wedding ring.

7.    They were wrapped in another Grandfathers Tallit.

8.    The glass that was broken was a gift from another aunt.

That is a lot of contributions to the event and this is a great part of the success of the ceremony.

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