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Mother Nature Tested the Day for this Wedding ! !

Vanessa & Jason

RogerMother Nature tested Roger and his couple this last weekend.  The bride and groom were to marry outside in the fields on his fathers ranch in Acton, a big beautiful ranch out in the middle of the open spaces.

Roger 2The only problem is there are no paved roads leading to the ranch and with the torrential rains they got last Thursday and Friday, all roads were washed out.  A last minute change of venue inside to the Acton Lodge at the Acton camping grounds saved the day and considering the weather dropped to 39 degrees we are glad the Acton Lodge was able to help out! Had the rains never happened, they would have had all of their 150 guests outside freezing for the wedding!! Acton Lodge saved the day from Mother Nature, with a little help from Roger………

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