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Liz Coopersmith Officiates Wedding Filled with Affirmations of Love and Commitment

Alisha &Thomas

Alesha and Thomas_1
Alisha and Thomas had a wedding last August on the East Coast, but because of technical and logistical difficulties, they weren’t able to get themselves and a marriage license in the same place! This happens to more couples than you’d think, but it gave them the opportunity to get legally married on the anniversary of when they met – December 16th.

While I was helping them write and their ceremony script, using one of Great Officiant’s Alesha and Thomas_2templates,  I was struck by the changes and affirmations they wanted to include. No reminders of what love and marriage means and what it takes to maintain and sustain both, but a confirmation that they already were doing that. “You must be open to one another,” became “You are open to one another.””You must have the faith to move forward together without knowing what the future brings” became “You have the faith.” Nothing passive, no questions or worries. They were already there.

Their ceremony was in the chapel at Great Officiants and attended by local family. Alisha and Thomas wrote their own vows. They were heartfelt and appreciative and grateful of the journey and life they had together. The hardest part of officiating for me is not choking or tearing up myself, but the best part of officiating is standing in front of so much love. It just radiates and touches every thing and everyone present. And I always feel so honored to be there, and to be a part of their day.

 See you at the end of the aisle,

 Liz Coopersmith

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