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Lip-synching, lunch, and love.

 Dave and Dave (yes they’re both named Dave) where an amazing couple. Together we design the perfect ceremony for their nuptials.
it took place in this little Bed and breakfast in Carlsbad.
they were only four guests who were their children and spouses.
after the delightful wedding ceremony we prepared in which we got everybody involved with the sand ceremony and the ring warming we all went down the street for lunch.

this is where all the fun and silliness really kicked in.
I brought in my little sound system and pre-downloaded some songs for all of us in preselected groups to lip-synch.

1 – All of Me by John Legend

2 – Stand by Me by Ben King

3 – The Time of My Life by David Cook

we all laughed so hard,
there were some heartfelt toast made and then a delightful lunch to follow.

you don’t always have to have a huge ceremony and five star venue to have an amazing event. All you really need is love! 

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