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Last Minute Changes for a Nervous Bride and an Emotional Groom……..

Roger married Darryl & Maria this last Saturday at the always beautiful Los Verdes Golf Course. Things got a little crazy the night before the wedding when suddenly the layout and schedule for the ceremony took an about face on how and when things were to happen. But fortunately, the DJ, the coordinator and Roger all pulled together and made it happen! The ceremony went off without a hitch! Plus, this couple really touched Roger. The two times Roger met with them, the bride Maria was very bubbly and excited and the groom Darryl was quiet and reserved. But as soon as the ceremony started, it was Darryl the groom who already had tears in his eyes and continued through out the entire ceremony. It was the most beautiful sight. This tall, man’s man, overwhelmed with emotion standing in front of the love of his life. And Roger got to be part of it. This is why we do this.

Marie was really happy with the wedding too!! She had these kind words to say…

"Roger thank you so much for everything! The ceremony was unforgettable and truly the best part. Thank you for making it such a special moment for us! And thank you for those pictures (Roger always takes pictures of the witnesses signing the license and sends them to the bride & groom) they are ones we will cherish forever as well as the amazing words."rog2rog1

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