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Jewish Christian interfaith wedding ceremony

Today I performed the wedding ceremony for Steven and Ronit.

it was important for them to be able to honor both of their families beliefs in their wedding ceremony.

while doing an interfaith ceremony it is important for the officiant to know how to make both sides happy and not to alienate either side.

In the Jewish Christian combo ceremony that I have listed on our website it is carefully designed to bring elements of both believes into the ceremony.

I know this may sound weird but during the ceremony when Jews hear the word Jesus it can make them feel uncomfortable. So we use readings from the New Testament such as first Corinthians which speak about love.

We also incorporate some of the Jewish traditions such as the crushing of the glass the seven blessings and the blessing over the wine.

It’s a closed out with a generic prayer sent both the Jews and Christians seems like.

And at the end of the ceremony they kiss joining their lives and their families lives together into one big happy family.

The ceremony table for today’s wedding shown in the picture has the wine for the wine blessing, the ketubah A.k.a. Jewish marriage contract, the glass for crushing and in the background is my Talit that I put over their shoulders for a benediction.

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