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When Jeremy and Allison decided to get married, the big question was “Where?”

When Jeremy and Allison decided to get married, the big question was “Where?”  They live in Kansas where his family is near, but Allison grew up in SoCal.  Once they saw San Clemente Beach, just north of the pier, they had the perfect romantic spot.  Now, how would they find a minister near the wedding site — one that is Christian yet with an open-minded perspective?   Boom … they called Great Officiants in Long Beach, and were put in touch with the Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore, pastor emeritus of Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa CA.  Chatting long distance and then meeting in his home the week of the wedding, Allison and Jeremy knew that this was just sort of ceremony they had envisioned, and were thrilled that Rev. Gary could take over the conduct of the San Clemente event.  On the big day, it was indeed all they had imagined … and more.  The Kansan’s were stoked to be standing in the sand beside the iconic Pacific surf, and the Californians were reminded of what a great place this is to live, work and play.   The happily married couple are back in Kansas now, but their dream is to find jobs and move to coastal California.  Wherever …  they are counting the blessings of love.

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